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This page is archived and no longer maintained

ZLink links the Cambridge Computer Z88 portable with RISC OS computers. It requires a serial lead and the Z88 PC Link Rom to work.

ZLink is adapted from a program which was originally written for the BBC micro so:

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© John Allen 1991.

This application is Freeware and is supplied on the understanding that:

Please contact me before adding it to a PD library so that I can supply an up to date version.

Cable wiring

The lead to connect the two machines should be wired as follows:

    RISC OS           Z88
 9-pin female D    9-pin male D
       2  ------------  2
       3  ------------  3
       5  ------------  7
       7  ------------  5
       6  ------------  4

On the RISC OS computer plug pins 1, 4 and 8 should be connected together and on the Z88 plug pins 8 and 9 need to be connected together.


Connect the Archimedes to the Z88 and start the link program on the Z88 by keying []L (the square key followed by 'L'). Double click on the ZLink icon and follow the instructions. Use the cursor keys to move between options and 'Return' to select an option. 'Escape' will generally drop back to the previous menu.


Z88Link is a desktop transfer utility for connection between the Z88 and Risc OS computers written by the same author. It does not require the PC Link Rom.

Download ZLink (zip file)

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