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This is my most recent item of software - it codes and decodes attachments to e-mails within the RiscOS environment. It supports the two most common ways of coding, uucode and MIME base64, coding and decoding each. It only works within the RiscOS operating system, not Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Attacher works on the desktop and is a doddle to use. Basically you drag message files to it, either from the Filer or another application (such as TTFN or Messenger) and it codes or decodes them. It will also rebuild uuencoded files that have been split across several messages before decoding them and it makes a pretty good guess at the Risc OS filetypes of decoded files that originated on DOS or Windows PCs.

It will unpack several files from the same message (although if the sender has mixed uucode and base64 in the same message it will only decode all of the files coded in the same method as the first file in the message).

Attacher completely replaces two earlier applications of mine, UUcoder and 64coder and is more actively maintained than the old applications. It was designed to run under RiscOS 3 but version 1.04 fixes at least some of the problems that became apparent when running under RiscOS 4 and the new Pace SharedCLibrary - although I cannot warrant that all problems are solved.

Download the latest release, version 1.04 (zip file)

Frank de Bruijn has helpfully produced a new version, 1.05 which should now run with all the latest versions of RiscOS and hardware. Please let me know if this still causes problems.

Download Frank's version 1.05 (zip file)

Download the full MIME technical specification (zip file)

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