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This page is archived and no longer maintained

This was for a long time my best known item of software. It codes and decodes uucode for sending and receiving binary files via newsgroups and e-mail. It only works in the RiscOS operating system, not Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

This the final release of UUCoder as it is now replaced by Attacher, which is a complete replacement for this and for 64coder, as well as having extra functionality. Users are advised to use Attacher as UUCoder is no longer being maintained.

As well as decoding single files UUCoder will also turn a series of messages containing sections of a uu encoded file (such as might be found in newsgroups with 'binaries' in the title) into a single decoded file.

Likewise it will split long coded files into short sections to send in separate messages.

If a file does not contain uuencoded data UUCoder will check whether it contains MIME base64 code, if so it will decode it.

UUcoder will also extract several files from a single message such as might be found as Microsoft Mail attachments. These can be in either uucode or base64 form, but not both in the same message.

Download the last UUcoder release version, 1.26 (zip file)

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