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The definitive link from a Risc OS machine to a Psion Organiser II. It requires the PC Link adapter on the Psion to deal with the other end.

As far as I am aware it is the only freeware software to link the two machines which operates on the desktop.

Regretably this does not work with the 3a, 3c, series 5 or indeed any machine other than the now rather elderly Psion Organiser II (often available very cheaply at you local Cash Converter - I'd recommend going for the later ones with four line displays).

PsionLink was originally a shareware application with enhanced features in version 2 for registered users. Nobody registered it so I have now re-designated version 2 as freeware.

Download PsionLink 2.00 (zip file)

Further PsionLink information and the full instructions

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