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John Allen's Risc OS software

Welcome to the software archive of Risc OS applications, written by myself, for Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC machines, none of this software will run on the Intel based (e.g. Windows or Linux) or Apple machines.

All of the software is Freeware, that is you are able to download and use it freely within the conditions given in the !Help files. Principally you are forbidden to sell the software for profit or include on Public Domain discs and CDs over a specified price. I enjoy writing the software and I am happy for others to use it, but if money is being made I expect to be the one making it.

All of the applications should run without problem on StrongARM and earlier processors. If you know differently please let me know.

Attacher, UUcoder and 64coder can only be used with RiscOS 3.1 or later versions of RiscOS 3. The other software should run with all versions of RiscOS 2 and 3. None of the software is tested with RiscOS 4, although I don't think they do things that should cause a problem and I have actively changed Attacher to be more RiscOS 4 friendly. ZLink still requires the 65Tube module (not supplied with Risc PCs) to be present in the system:modules directory.

The software is archived into RiscOS compatible zip archives. These can be unpacked with Sparkplug, Spark or Sparkfs by David Pilling. Note that they cannot be unarchived by arcfs. If you do not have any of the Spark applications you can download a self extracting version of Sparkplug. Save the resulting file to disc and change its filetype to BASIC (using the Filer menu), double click on the file to run it and Sparkplug will arrive in the same directory. There is now a new facility for the software to be e-mailed to you as attachments (if you have any way of reading them ...)

Please e-mail me with any comments about the archive or any of the software. It is very satisfying to hear that people are using my software but please note that I am no longer actively developing any of these items, but will attempt to fix bugs.

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